Is Lockey & Key Season 2 Officially Renewed? Will Gable’s Identity Be Revealed? Get All Details About Upcoming Plot, Cast & Release

Haven’t we all at least once wished for the ability to fly or for a huge house with a magical door that will take us to all the places in the world?
Well, a plot like that can never be true in life, but when it comes to shows, anything and everything can happen.

Locke andKeyKeyy is one of the latest additions of Netflix, which is based on genres like supernatural horror and fantasy drama. The first season of this American series premiered on February 7, 2020. Soon after the release of the first season, Netflix made an official statement in March 2020 and confirmed a second season.

Locke & Key: About The Show

The plot of Locke and Key revolves around the three children of the Locke family, who shifted to their ancestral house, called Keyhouse with their mother after their father was murdered in cold blood.

Things take a magical turn when the Locke children start discovering hidden magical keys in their house. EachKeyKeyy has its own magic, and we all know, with magic comes evil. A demon called the Well Lady or Echo is in search of these keys as well. As the story unfolds, we see how the murder of Mr. Locke was connected to the keys and even learn some other dark secrets about these enchanted keys.

Locke and Key Season 2: Jackson Robert Scott May Appear As Bode Lockie

Why was Mr. Locke murdered? Who is the WellLadyy, and why is she interested in the keys?

Locke & Key Season 2: Expected Plot

The first season of Locke and Key ended on a huge cliff hanger. Just as we thought that all the chaos and drama related to the keys have ended and the threat of the Well Lady has been eliminated, we get to see that none of it is true.

We can expect that the story of Locke and Key season 2 will pick up from where it left in season 1. WellLadyy is alive and is, in fact, Kinsey’s boyfriend Gabe, and therefore we can expect a plot revolving around uncovering Gabe’s actual identity. We can also expect to see more of Kinsey’s friend, Eden, as she is now possessed by a demon.

Questions like- “what happened to Ellie? What is behind the black door? Are there more hidden keys in the Locke House?” are still left unanswered.

Locke & Key Season 2: Release

Since Locke and Key have officially been renewed, all we can do is wait for an official release date, but our guesses are that it will not be before the mid of 2021.

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