Lori Harvey Facing JAIL!!! TIME for Hit & Run, Dad Steve Harvey is Angry & Shameful!!! at Her

23-year-old model and step-daughter of Steve Harvey may be seen in an orange jumpsuit behind the bars.

Actor, comedian Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey is tangled in an alleged hit and run case. The 23-year-old model is looking at a jail time of one year if found guilty.

What happened?

The incident last year in October around 10 pm in Beverly Hills. Lori hit a parked vehicle and fled the scene. The collision was so severe that Lori’s Mercedes G- Wagon flipped on its side. Prius the vehicle which was hit also suffered heavy damage. Beverly Hills Police Department charged Lori with hit and run and delaying police investigation. Furthermore, she received a misdemeanor citation as well. She appeared before the court on 21st January 2020.


What happened in the Court?

Lori pleaded not guilty in the court on 21st January. Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Officer confirmed that she has been charged with two misdemeanors-including one count of resisting, delaying, obstructing a peace officer and second one of hit and run resulting in property damage. Right after the incident, Lori fled the scene but she was caught by police near the area. One of the bystanders saw her leaving the scene.

The model was in the news last year when she ended her alleged relationship with the hip hop star Sean “Diddy” Combs. Currently, the word is that she is dating rapper Future. This information is based on the cozy pictures of the couples on their Instagram handles.

When is the pre-trial? 

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office representative has confirmed that a pre-trial hearing will be held on 28 February. If found guilty Lori Harvey can be sent to prison for up to one year. We may see her doing catwalks behind the bars in an orange jumpsuit.

Lori’s Representatives could not be contacted for comment.

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