Lori Harvey getting PRISON TIME!!! for HIT & RUN!!, Steve Harvey is PISSED!! at her

Recently Lori was subject to a case where she failed to obey to the laws. On 21st October 2019, while Lori was traveling towards the north in her Mercedes SUV, an incident took place at the 200 blocks of Moreno Drive in Los Angeles, where her car crashed an unoccupied parking vehicle and was totally flipped to its side.

After the collision, her driver had left, so Lori was victimized, where she also tried to escape. Before the police of Beverly Hills could arrive, she was found walking down the street. After the investigation, the police stated that she was not drunk but was carefree. According to her Instagram stories, she spent that day with her fellow model Amaya Colonn in Malibu, California.

Since Lori failed to fulfill the requirements which are to be done legally, she was accused and arrested. She kept delaying the case, went against the law for ruining the property, and was subject to these two cases.

Lori Harvey getting PRISON TIME!!! for HIT & RUN!!, Steve Harvey is PISSED!! at her

Three months later, to the incident that took place in October 2019, she is now asked to appear in the court on 21st January this year for the final judgment.

It is said that she had to face the prison for a year, and that can be confirmed according to a City Attorney’s office spokesperson. Lori’s lawyer or representative failed to support her statement. So she should be ready to accept the penalty.

Lori Harvest was born on 13th January 1997 in the USA. She is an American model and a popular star on social media. Her mother, Marjorie, married Steve Harvey in 2007, so she became the step-daughter to Steve Harvey. She has two brothers and 4 step-siblings. Despite her father being a famous personality, she succeeded in establishing her own standard.

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