Madonna is DATING YOUNG!! Men & Daughter Lourdes Leon DOESN’T like this at all.

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is very supportive of her mother’s relationship though she knows that Madonna is dating a 25-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams. She understands her mother and respects her decision.

Madonna is having 36 years age gap between her age and Ahlamalik Williams. And this lead many people started judging Madonna. Wendy Williams even called Madonna grandma who’s dating a child.

Madonna’s last serious boyfriend dancer Brahim Zaibat was also 30 years younger than her.

Lorde’s Leon understands Madonna completely. She supports her every decision.

Madonna is DATING YOUNG!! Men & Daughter Lourdes Leon DOESN'T like this at all

“Madonna’s daughter is totally used to her dating younger men, it’s not an issue for her and it’s just something she accepts as ‘normal’ for her mom. Madonna has Lorde’s’ full support to be with whoever she chooses. And she gives her daughter the same respect.”

– According to sources

Not only Lorde’s Leon support Madonna. Madonna is loving the woman Lourdes Leon is becoming and appreciating her mindsets and ideology.

She is happy to have a daughter like her. She also said that Lourdes knows full well the woman her mother is and has been her whole life.

They both understand each other and support each other and that’s enough for them. They don’t need anyone else for them. They both love each other and are happy with each other.

Their bond is getting strong day by day and they both understand each other well. They both can be the best mother and daughter because of their bond and understanding.

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