[Major Leak] New ‘Call of Duty 2020’ CONFIRMED by Blizzard: Is it Ghost 2 or Black ops 3? Release Date & More

Which is more suitable Ghost 2 or Black ops 3?

We all very well know that a name is a very important thing in a person’s life because it helps in creating a remarkable image in anyone’s mind. A name helps in reminding a description of a particular person, or it may be a place.

The same is applied to this topic also. In today’s world, each and everyone is fond of playing games, which is usually online. The great example is none other than CALL OF DUTY.

The other game can be PUBG, but here we are talking about “Call of duty,” which is basically a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. In this game, a person is taken to another world of war (imagination only), where he has to fight with the enemies with lots of weapons. It has lots of fans outside because it is of their genre that is an adventure, thriller, etc.


The other thing which is usually seen is the great use of social media. One post can change the minds of people. It can be seen in this situation only. Here, according to Long Sensation, a post came up in which there were options.

The fans were asked to make a choice between the two. Its been written that the game 2020 has under the choices whether it would be Black ops or another one. This is the next entry in Treyarch’s game series, which would be seen in the cold war.

It will have campaign spanning, including Korean Wars and Vietnam. In addition, it will be more gritty and adventurous. Till now, there is no information regarding the name, but game makers has assured that it would be more thriller than the other parts. Wishes with the game and no name have been decided yet.

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