[Major LEAK] Top Gun 2 Release Date LEAKED by ‘Tom Cruise’, ‘Miles Teller’ Secret Role & More

Top Gun 2 on its way! Coming soon

This is great grand news for the ones who loved Maverick, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, 1986. Directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer is an American action drama film in association with Paramount Pictures. This film was inspired by an article titled “Top Guns” published in California magazine three years earlier before the release of Top Gun.

Yes, since the release of Top Gun in 1986, the fans are waiting for the release of Top Gun 2, which is being delayed year after year. After more than three decades of rumors, ‘Top Gun: Maverick is officially coming in theatres. The announced release date is 26 June 2020, and this sequel is directed by Joseph Kosinski.

The original star, Tom Cruise, is returning to the sequel, and he won’t be the only familiar face in the film. The new trailer released by Paramount was a stressful one, teasing Maverick’s fate as a voice-over explains that he is potentially facing court-martial and a dishonorable discharge.

According to Kosinski, “In our film, these are all Top Gun Graduates who are coming back for special training detachment-which is another aspect of Top Gun where they can go back for specialized training after they have already graduated.  They are at a different level of experience than in the first film.” And this statement by Kosinski has made it all more impossible to wait for the movie.

However, not confirmed, but from some hints and the recent trailers, it is possibly correct that the plane seen is the mysterious SR-72 hypersonic spy plane. Though the trailer only shows a quick glimpse of the plane, the plane has a spade-like figure, stubby wings, and two visible air intakes. Paramount has confirmed that Tom Cruise has undergone fighter plane training, the studio has not yet confirmed what kind of plane it is.

The wait for the fans is finally going to end by this year, and since Tom Cruise is the main lead again, the excitement is really high, and the wait is getting harder with the coming trailers of the movie.

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