[Major Update] La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist Season 4 April Release Date CONFIRMED, Berlin Returning, Plot & More Details

Money Heist will make its return on the screens, after long months of waiting. Netflix announced the official release of Season 4. This Spring La Casa de Papel will make its return.

Money Heist is a Spanish series based on a mastermind Criminal, who plans for the vast Money Heist in the recorded history. Accordingly, ‘The Professor’ as the protagonist goes by the name, plans out for the heist and gathers people with unique abilities, and who has nothing to look back on or lose anything.

Money Heist Season 4 Release Date?

The Netflix Series gathered the forefront after the release of season 3. The last season was a great success. The viewers are waiting for Season 4 after waiting for months. April 3, 2020, is the day for the official release of the fourth part of Money Heist.

The airing of the third part took way too long, near about a year to stream on different media platforms. Palermo actor Rodrigo de La Serna said, “The fourth is already set and has a release date for January, we are happy.” He states his statement to Argentinian publication Cadena 3.

The starring cast Money Heist Season 4

The Cast for the series Money Heist got revealed. There is not any change in the Cast from the earlier seasons. In the short teaser of the show, we saw Professor, Lisbon, Rio, Denver, Stockholm, Palermo, Helsinki, Bogotá and Marsella. As per the announcement, there is no information about any new Cast in the show. 

The fourth season will return with many new turns and revealing secrets. Nairobi, who was shot is still alive as per the confirmation.

Till now, there is no such information about the story which will take place in the fourth season. It is an advice to get hooked up with the last episode of Season 3. The Last Episode will give a hint about the fourth season.  

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