[Major Update] Tom Ellis Returning in Lucifer Season 5 with 16 Episodes Confirmed, Release Date & Other News

Lucifer season five was announced earlier this year which will be aired on Netflix, unlike the seasons before which were aired on FOX. However, there is uncertainty over the release date amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The filming of the Lucifer Season 5 was underway until the COVID-19 pandemic halted it. Due to which the release date of season 5 is yet to be confirmed. But the stars of the series took it to social media to make sure the fans have an update about the season.

The web series’s star DB Woodside took it to his Instagram, captioning a post from the sets as “#Lucifans, I still don’t know the release date for season 5. None of us do and we are yet to finish episode 516. I promise though you’ll be the first to know when I have more info and can say so.”

Lucifer Season 5 split in two halves

Tom Ellis confirmed that the upcoming season will be split into two halves with 8 episodes each. The season five initially had 16 episodes in it which were later divided into two parts. Netflix renewed the series for 10 episodes after asking the makers for six more back in August 2019. This will provide the ‘Lucifans’ a whopping fifth season of 16 episodes!

Musical episodes to be filmed for Lucifer Season 5?

There is also a rumor that some episodes maybe musical ones. Episodes 4 and 10 may well be musical ones according to some of the sources. The vocal coach of the series confirmed that Ellis and Brandt will be singing this season, with posting a photograph of Ellis rehearsing on the sets of the fifth season.  Inbar Lavi too, will return as Eve in the fifth season.

Many questions are to be answered in the fifth (and probably the last) season such as what brings Eve back to LA after leaving Maze behind? Fans will have to wait until the makers confirm the Lucifer Season 5 release date!


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