[Major Update] What will happen in Creed 3 with Michael B Jordan? Will Sylvester Stallone Return? Release Date & More Updates

What will happen in Creed 3 with Michael B Jordan?

When there is good news, it must be shared with everyone. This work has been done by none other than our star Michael B Jordan. Recently, he announced in an award show that the third part of the movie could be made, but he also stated that the final decision is yet to be taken.

So, the fans have to wait for a while. The previous movie made a great impact on viewers, which makes them think upon the third installment. In the previous part, Adonis Creed’s and Rocky Balboa’s stories were shown.

The second part of the movie didn’t earn much, but there are high hopes if this movie would come. According to sources, there is an expectancy that it would be on the floor till November 2020. Most of the fans want to know the reason behind it, whose answers lie with Michael only. Due to his too many projects, he is not able to shoot the third movie.

Creed III will not follow its franchise. Instead, Adonis Creed can deal with his own legacy in a sequel and fight someone completely unknown character.

However, if the studio wants to continue to attach Creed to the original Rocky series, then bringing back Viktor Drago in Creed III could still be a possibility. So, there is a possibility that it could be made in this way.

The interesting thing is that the director has offered Jordan not to act but also direct it, but he denied because he wants to learn more and more through his skills of acting. I Hope the movie could be made and released soon for the fans and viewers who are waiting for it.

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