[Major Update] When is One Punch Man Season 3 Coming? Is Madhouse Returning? Release Date & What to Expect from it

Anyone who has watched the “One Punch Man” manga series understands that in “One Punch Man” season 3. The story will be much bigger in terms of character lineups. However, with many new faces in the upcoming episodes to anticipate. One has to wonder what this means for Saitama’s screentime.

Season 3 previews for ‘One-Punch Man’: Where will Saitama be?

Season 3 of “One Punch Man” will delve deeper into the Arc Monster Alliance, and pave the way for the protagonists to add more monsters.

The next episodes could visit the monsters ‘ hideout, where Garou will also be most of the time.

Those who caught up with the season 2 episodes may already have noted that Saitama had fewer scenes in it relative to the first series.

As for season 3 of “One Punch Guy,” fans should expect nothing more than this.

Considering that season 3 of “One Punch Man” is based on the Monster Association Arc. This should already indicate which group is to be featured in most scenes. Yet anime-only audiences shouldn’t be any less enthusiastic about it.

The storyline that is still going on will offer a good plot development to create the bad guys and show why Saitama is one of the series ‘ greatest heroes. It also doesn’t mean that next season’s Saitama will be totally missing.

People should see Saitama in the premiere episode if the launch of “One Punch Man” season 3 does not cut out manga scenes after the battle between heroes and monsters in season 2, episode 12.

It could even include a short encounter between the Caped Baldy and Garou. Where the latter would knock out by mistake.

‘One-Punch Man’ season 3 possible release date:

While it’s easy to determine the events taking place in season 3 of “One Punch Man,” the release date of the next episode of the anime series is still uncertain. Renewal of the series has not even been confirmed yet.

The situation will change doubtfully until next month as the final volume of the Blu-ray. DVD of season 2 expected to fall in March.

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