‘Mark Wahlberg’ CONFIRMED for ‘Uncharted Movie’ Starring ‘Tom Holland’: Origin Story, Release Date, Plot & more updates

No clear charted path for the uncharted. The movie is living up to its name

Fans of Tom Holland will be feeling mixed emotions after reading this piece. Tom Holland, who is famous for playing Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Avengers and Spiderman, signed the movie Uncharted with Sony Pictures. Movie ‘Uncharted’ is based on the hit action-adventure video game of the same name released first in 2007.

What is the problem?

The movie could not get on the floor because it took a long time for the studio to finalize the script. Several big names such as Eric Warren Singer, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Mark Wahlberg, as well as David Guggenheim and Joe Carnahan, were involved.

The script was finalized by Rafe Judkins and the duo of Marcum and Matt Holloway. The next problem was to find a director. Over the past few months, there have been frequent news of directors leaving and new directors coming in.

The latest director to leave the project is Travis Knight, known for Bumblebee. Before Knight, Dan Trachtenberg was supposed to be the director. Travis Knight is the sixth director to leave the project.

Further Back

According to the latest reports, the movie is further delayed. This time due to the non-availability of the lead actor Tom Holland. Spiderman actor is busy shooting for the third unnamed Spiderman film.

In Uncharted, Tom Holland will be portraying the titular character, “Nathan Drake.” Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter and explorer who looks for hidden treasure in historical sites. Mark Walberg is also part of the cast and will be playing the role of Sully. Sully is a mentor and father figure to Nathan Drake.

What is the movie about?

According to the official synopsis of the movie, the plot is about the son of a treasure hunter who believes he has located Eldorado, the lost city of gold. Search becomes dangerous and competitive when a rival treasure hunter joins in.

It has been confirmed that Uncharted movie will be an origins story based on the game. It will not be set in any period in which any of the games are set.

Release Date

Shooting for the film has not been started yet. The movie is likely to be released in 2021. Everything is uncharted for the “Uncharted.”

Mixed Emotions

Fans of Tom Holland will be happy because shooting for Spiderman 3 has started, but sad they will have to wait longer to see Tom as Nathan Drake. Feeling mixed Emotions?

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