Messiah Season 2: Will The Good Or Evil Side Be Chosen? Read Complete Details About The Upcoming Season

Netflix’s Thriller series Messiah has been on the receiving end for mixed reviews ever since its release on New Year. The show is an absolute spine-chiller though and boasts an impressive and intricate plot. The show’s captivating premise has encouraged many a fan to binge-watch the ten episodes long first season in one sitting. Naturally, the question that arises is whether Netflix will bring us Messiah – Season 2.

Messiah Season 2: Will This Season Focus on Jesus?

Will the series be returning for season 2?

Let’s see if we can find an answer.

Messiah: About The Show

The series is a thriller that was produced by Netflix. The series stars Mehdi Dehbi, Tomer Sisley, Michelle Monaghan, and John Ortiz. Micheal Petroni created the show, and Netflix provides it.

Filming for the show was done between June and August 2018. Netflix released the official trailer on December 3, 2019, and the play on January 1, 2020. According to Wikipedia, the show focuses on a man who first appears in the Middle East. His followers claim that he is the eschatological return of Jesus. Thus, the show revolves around the modern world’s reaction to his sudden appearance.

The show received mixed reviews from critics. They said that the show had a promising premise and a superb ensemble. However, they could not save it from bland storytelling.

Messiah Season 2

Unfortunately for Messiah fans, the show will be no Season 2. Netflix canceled the show after only one season on March 26, 2020.

Controversy marred the show even before Netflix had released it. It faced a backlash from the Muslim community. In December 2019, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan asked audiences not to watch the show. This was because it was “provocative subject matter and controversial religious content” in the form of a series.

Following this, Netflix canceled the show after only one season. Hence, fans speculate that there can be two reasons for Netflix canceling Messiah – Season 2. Number one could be a lack of viewership. Number 2 could be the controversy that marks the show.

Either way, the show will not be returning.

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