Mindhunter season 3: Release Date, Story Plot, Cast Revealed And More

Netflix’s crime series Mindhunter will be back on the platform, but no one knows when. Its first 2 seasons attracted a lot of attention and love from the public. Fans have now started to scroll the screen to find season 3, but disappointment so far.

To learn more, let us take a deep dive into the details of the show.

Mindhunter season 3: Release Date, Story Plot, Cast Revealed And More

It is based on the story of 2 FBI agents, Douglas & Olshaker. With years of experience gained by investigating severe crimes, interrogating serial killers & rapists, they have developed new psychological techniques to solve cases quickly and efficiently. However, an absolute killer without motive performs regular killing, becoming a headache for the agents.

Have a look at the trailer to do quick learning:

What’s the situation of Mindhunter Season 3? 

As soon as Season 2 finished in August 2019, vapors had surfaced up for Season 3. But the speculations have now settled down. In Jan 2020, Netflix had announced the information about Season 3. But as of now, Netflix has postponed the show for an indefinite period.

Repercussions of the postponement are also visible now as Netflix can’t hold the contracts of cast members. Netflix has recently freed the cast to work on their new projects.

Mindhunter Season 3 Plot

There hasn’t been any script written or released yet. It may have been written, but no such information has bubbled up again. We will have to wait for a little longer to learn more about the season 3 plot.

Mindhunter season 3: Release Date, Story Plot, Cast Revealed And More

What is the reason for postponement?

Director David Fincher’s busy and tight schedule is the reason for no Season 3 in 2020. He is currently busy finishing the movie “Mank” and Animated series, Love-Death & Robots.

Although cast members Jonathan Groff, Holt Mccallany & Anna Torv are released from the contract, hopefully, they will be back for season 3.

As soon as he gets free from his current duties, everyone expects that he will start filming Mindhunter Season 3. Calculating all the factors involved, it seems pretty clear that we shouldn’t be expecting Season 3 before 2022.

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