Monster Musume Season 2 is coming ? Everything You Need To Know About Release Date & Other Details

Good news for the anime fans,  Monster Musume Season 2 is coming!!!! Yes, you read it right. Season 2 is confirmed, but there’s still time for its official announcement.

It feels like anime season is here, back to back anime series and movies are coming. Monster Musume is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Okayado. The series is published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten in their Monthly Comic Ryu magazine and by Seven Seas Entertainment in the  United States.

The manga series publication come on March 19, 2012. Later due to the success, it was made into an anime television show. The story of anime is about a monster living with humans, the government in this show hides the existence of mythical creatures, but later they passed the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act,” so the mythical creatures can co-exist with humans.

A kind and shy boy with leat interest Kimhitu kurusu living in Asaka. His parents are abroad. One day his life, all of a sudden, started changing. Maia, a lamia, started living with him later. Two more ladies join him and again, after some days three more Ladies join him. Kimhitu started living with ladies’ monsters. We can say that. He cooks them delicious food, and in return, they give him attention.

I think he is living his best life.. just kidding!!  This is one time watched series with an average rating. As we said, there is no official announcement yet, but season 2 is confirmed. There are still lots of things and content left to show.

We can see season sequel at the end of this dramatic year or at the start of 2021. Most of the series are pending due to coronavirus pandemic. We will update you here. Stay tuned with us and, most importantly, Stay Safe…

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