Morbius Trailer Confirms: “Sony Movie ‘Vulture’ and ‘Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’ In MCU”

Who Is At The MCU?

The film is the second installment of Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. A burgeoning series that features Eddie Brock as Venom (Tom Hardy). While it was shooting, the star shared a few teasers for the forthcoming Marvel movie. But little news about the project has come to light since last year’s production ended as we come closer to its release date of July 2020. Sony will continue the marketing push-including unveiling the first Morbius movie trailer.

Sony’s Marvel movie stars Adria Arjona as Michael’s fiancée Martine Bancroft, Matt Smith as Michael’s pal Loxias Crown, Jared Harris as Michael’s mentor and Tyrese Gibson as FBI agent Simon Stroud as well as Leto as Michael Morbius. Now, get a first look at the cast in action in the first video that Morbius released.

The Morbius Film Trailer:

Revealing the jump from Leto to Marvel after playing the Joker in the Suicide Squad of David Ayer. Daniel Espinosa (Life) guides Morbius from a screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (The Gods of Egypt, Dracula Untold). Watch the trailer of Morbius below.

What’s arguably most surprising about the Morbius teaser is that it essentially shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sony’s Marvel movies are set within the MCU. While Sony resisted acknowledging or dismissing this with Venom, making the origin story of Eddie Brock completely irrelevant to Spider-Man, Michael Morbius can be seen engaging with Spider-Man in this trailer: Homecoming antagonist Vulture.

Michael walks across Spider-Man’s artwork at another stage with the word “Murderer” across it. That’s a simple Spider-Man follow-up: Far From Home post-credits scene in which J. Jonah Jameson exposed the secret of Spider-Man, and blamed Mysterio for his death.

The Anti-Hero Of Leto:

Since Morbius is the original film for the anti-hero of Leto, it’s probably not going to have too much to do with Spider-Man-yet. Sony has already said they’re building up to a Sinister Six movie, and it’s possible Vulture’s presence here is setting up more for such a game.


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