Is Mortal Kombat Releasing Earlier Than Expected?? More Bloodshed On The Way!! Read All You Need To Know About Mortal Combat

Mortal Kombat is an upcoming Martial-arts and Fantasy-Action film. And yes, it is based on the video game franchise by the same name Mortal Kombat. The game did become very popular. This film is directed by Simon McQuoid that is going to be his first featured film. And this film is produced by the very famous James Wan, who directed famous films like Conjuring and Insidious. So far, two movies have been released in by the same franchise. Mortal Kombat released in 1995 and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation released in 1997.

Release Date of Mortal Kombat

The filming of this movie did take place from September to December 2019.

The film was initially going to be released on March 5, 2021. But the release date is being moved up, and the new release date is January 15, 2021.

Mortal Combat Cast

Tadanobu Asano will be seen as Raiden. Mehcad Brooks is expected to be seen as Jackson “Jax” Briggs.

Elissa Cadwell is going to be seen as Nitara. Chin Han can be seen as Shang Tsung.

Hiroyuki Sanada will be seen as Hanzo Hasashi, known as Scorpion. We will be expecting some more actors will be part of the movie.

What To Expect From Mortal Kombat?

It has been already hinted that The Mortal Kombat will be going to be R rating. So, there will be blood and bloodshed that can be seen more than the previous movies, which we have seen in the 90s. And in those 90s movies, the visual effects weren’t much great that allows the filmmakers to maximize the potential of the characters and this universe on to the big screen.

But nowadays things have been developed to the point that these fighter’s potential and powers can be shown on-screen in a more effective way. The Storywriter of this movie did mention in his tweet that in this film, there will be going to be more bloodshed, and there won’t be any cutscenes.

Stay tuned for more updates related to this movie.

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