MP Nusrat Jahan Takes Safe Hand Challenge By WHO, Brutually Trolled for Wasting Water

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading at an exponential rate around the globe, world leaders, doctors, and epidemiologists have come forward in various ways to spread awareness against the disease. Be it videos of washing hands or wearing face masks or even practicing self-isolation, even politicians, actors, and influencers have taken to social media to talk about coronavirus. And the latest to join the list is Trinamool Congress MP and actor Nusrat Jahan.

MP Nusrat Jahan Takes Safe Hand Challenge By WHO, Brutually Trolled for Wasting Water

Bengali actress and Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha member Nusrat Jahan is the latest celebrity who joined WHO’s’s #SafeHands Challenge to promote the importance of washing hands amid the Coronavirus scare.

Actor-politician Nusrat Jahan took the World Health Organisation or WHO’s ‘Safe Hands Challenge,’ an initiative launched by it as part of efforts to raise awareness on tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Mrs. Jahan, a Trinamool Congress MP, shared a short clip on Instagram last night, which shows her washing her hands – a preventive measure recommended by WHO and doctors across the world to stop the spread of coronavirus. While some thanked her for spreading awareness, the parliamentarian also faced criticism for keeping the water on while washing her hands.

One wrote, “Please turn off the tap while you wash your hands with soap!! Let’s not forget other major problems while fighting this one.” Another commented, “You should have closed the tap while you were rubbing your hands with soap. This will save water.”

Washing hands “is the most important thing that we all have to do” at regular intervals to fight coronavirus,” Nusrat Jahan, 30, says in the video.

“Let us all take precautionary measures and wash our hands every hour to prevent COVID-19. Remember to not wastewater,” she wrote while sharing the video. The tap is running while she washes her hands in the video.

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