[Confirmed] Mr. Robot Season 5 Is Cancelled!! Read The Cancellation Reason And All Details

Mr. Robot is the series which includes genres like Drama, Technothriller, and Psychological thriller. So far, four seasons have been released. This series was released on USA Network. The first episode was aired on June 24, 2015, and the last episode was aired on December 22, 2019. Season 1 and 3 both have ten episodes, while season 2 has 12 episodes, and season 4 has 13 episodes. Every season holds above 90% ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.

Mr. Robot Season 5: Reason For Cancellation

This series is following the lead of Elliot Alderson young man who is working as a cybersecurity engineer at the company named Allsafe. He has been having trouble with anxiety and depression. Due to his problems, he tries to connect with people by hacking into their systems and social accounts. Then he got recruited by some kind of rebel who thinks of himself as a revolutionist and known as Mr. Robot, and Elliot joins his team of hackers. And one of their mission is to cancel all client debt by destroying the data of the largest company in world E Corp that is also coincidentally the biggest client of Allsafe.

When Could It Release? 

There isn’t any confirmed news related to the release date of Mr. Robot Season 5 because we don’t know if there is going to be season 5 or not. At the release of season 4, it was announced that this is going to be the final season of Mr. Robot. Yeah, this is not good news for fans. But all they can do is hope that there will be season 5.

The director says that from the starting of this show, he wanted to give this season a good ending, and he did find that in season 4. So, there is no need for season 5. He did also thank the cast and crew for their fantastic work and also thanked the fans for their love.

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