If you are an anime series lover then My Hero Academia series will be surely on the top of your list! .This Japanese superhero Manga Series, which was written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi gained so many views and love from the audiences. Fans are very excited about My Hero Academia Season 5 and therefore eagerly want to know every minute details of season 5.

The story is about Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without “Quirks” (or superpowers) but still, he aspires to become a hero himself. After getting to know about Midoriya’s strength, All Might (Japan’s greatest superhero) searched him and shares his quirks with him.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date

After that, All Might helped Midoriya to get enrolled in an eminent high school for heroes in training and make his skills sharper.

Although he was bullied by his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo for lacking a quirk still he managed to make his strengths more efficient.

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As My Hero Academia Season 5 is coming to an end, audiences are raising questions about My Hero Academia Season 5. The fourth season began broadcasting on October 12, 2019, and know fans are eager to know about season 5 updates. Like other seasons of My Hero Academia Season 5 will also contain 23 episodes.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Plot

Viewers will see 2 arcs of the Manga being animated in these 23 episodes. We can make predictions about this because we have seen this in the last seasons of the anime series. There is much content left in My Hero Academia to be animated and fans should also know that the new Manga chapters are coming quickly so it will be 100% sure that there will be a new season of this super hit anime series.

By looking at the past trends we can assume that the new season will be out by October 2020 but still we all have to wait till the latest news about My Hero Academia Season 5 will be out. So excited peeps, keep your sharp eyes on every detail of your favorite anime series and till then enjoy watching other seasons of My Hero Academia.

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