Net Worth Of Youtuber KSI??? Car Collection, Jewelleries and Achievements!!!

Who is KSI?

Olajide William Olatunji heard of that name??? Well, no, I guess. But you may know him in another name, KSI. He’s an English YouTube personality, rapper, comedian, and actor. He was also a ‘YouTube Boxer.’ His YouTube boxing against fellow vlogger Logan Paul led to lots of talks all over the internet. Commentaries for FIFA video game series are the content he posts on his YouTube channel. Apart from that, he makes comedy videos and vlogs too. As of now, he as 21 million subscribers and 5 billion viewers for his videos.

KSI Youtube Career, And Youtuber KSI Net Worth 

Ksi was born in the year 1993 in Watford.  By birth, he’s a Nigerian. In 2008 he registered his first account on YouTube, ‘JideJunior.’ While he was pursuing his sixth form of college, he dropped out to pursue his YouTube career, where he owned more than his teacher.

Net Worth Of Youtuber KSI??? Car Colloction, Jewelries and Achievements!!!

Ksi started his YouTube career posting FIFA videos in the beginning. He became an inspiration for a lot of YouTubers who post FIFA commentary videos on YouTube. About 20,000 followed him in a span of two years. Without a doubt, we could tell that YouTube made real Ksi. Following year,  the usage of vlog-style in his video made him gained a lot of followers, making his YouTube channel reaching  1 Million subscribers within three years. Apart from being a YouTuber, Ksi is also a rapper, actor, and professional boxer. His debut rap song named ‘Lamborgini’ was released in the year 2015. In professional boxing, he has one knockout win.

In fact, becoming a celebrity, he’s also a person into a lot of charity works. He had raised funds for children with no homes and for orphans. Also, he donated $10,000 for a YouTuber’s charity program.

Youtuber KSI Car Collection

Youtuber KSI Net Worth

Youtuber Ksi has a Net Worth of $ 20 million. He has a car collection, which includes Porsche, Lamborghini. In 2019, he owned a 390k Pound diamond chain. He ranked as the most influential online creator in 2019 of the UK.


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