Netflix Announces 13 Reason Season 4, Release Date, Cast & Everything you need to know

Amid the controversies and the sensation, Netflix has announced the fourth season to the raging series, 13 Reasons Why. The show, revolving around the life of protagonist Hannah Baker tells the story of her suicide and the 13 tapes she recorded and addressed to the 13 people in her life who were responsible for her suicide.

The Netflix original gained immense popularity within a few days of its release. Whereas one section of critics praised it for raising awareness about depression and suicide prevention, the other sections critiqued its graphic details. They blamed it for “romanticizing the aftermath of suicide.”

Complaints from psychologists, parents, and teachers have been received by the show criticizing its explicit display of suicide, sexual assault, and abortion. The questions raised prompted Netflix to take down a few of the graphic scenes in the show’s previous seasons. Season 4 is expected to close down and address all the open-ended plots and loops depicted throughout Season 3.

The upcoming season will see the return of the majority of the main cast. Still, it has been hinted that the lead, Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker), will not be playing an integral role in the buildup of the plot. It has also been speculated that Hart Denton, an actor from the renowned series, Riverdale, will be making a presence in this season too.

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