Netflix Cancels American Drama “Spinning Out Season 2” is Returning!!! Read for More Details.

The web television series Spinning Out aired on Netflix January 2020. Created by Samantha Stratton, the series featured actress Kaya Scodelario as Kat Baker, a charming young ice skater.

She suffers a serious injury and loses her chance to become a great ice-skater. She gets the opportunity to perform again as a pairs-skater with the charismatic Evan Roderick as Justin Davis, who has a bad-boy reputation.

The 10-episode arc showed the struggles and endeavors of Kat and Justin, along with their families and friends. The show’s portrayal of class struggle in the context of ice-skating received a lot of praise. Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, Lance Samuels, Daniel Iron, Armand Leo, Joby Harold, and Tory Tunnel serve as the Executive producers.

Additionally, Lara Olsen and Samantha Stratton are part of the Executive Producer team. The producers of the series are Elizabeth Peterson and Derek S Rappaport.

Netflix canceled the show after one season after an official announcement in February 2020. This has stunned the fans of the show as many had come to love the oddly lovable pair of Kat and Justin. Fans wanted to see how the characters evolve, especially in the backdrop of mental health issues in Kat’s family.

Netflix Cancels American Drama Spinning Out Season 2 is Returning!!! Read for More Details.

The show also starred Willow Shields as Kat’s younger half-sister. Other stars featuring in the show were David James Elliot, Sarah Wright Olsen, Svetlana Efremov, and Amanda Zhou. Mitchell Edwards, Kaitlyn Leeb, Will Kemp, and January Jones also star in the show.

However, Netflix has been canceling many shows with a dedicated fan base like the OA. Netflix dropped OA after two seasons without giving any concrete reasons as well as the fan-favorite Marvel’s Punisher and Daredevil. No reasons have been revealed behind the sudden decision. Netflix probably wants to focus on other content right now.

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