Netflix’s BoJack Horseman Season 7 Cancelled or Coming? What’s the Story? Possible Release Date & More

Beloved half-horse half-human character BoJackman will not be seen on Netflix anymore.


Fans will no longer get to see Half horse-half human Bo Jack on Netflix anymore as the streaming platform has decided to pull the plug on hit animated show with surreal humor. BoJack Horseman follows the life of half-horse half-human BoJack, who was once an entertainer and lead actor of 90’s sitcom Show Horsin’ Around.

Still, over time he lost his fame and picked up self-destructive habits, which include over-reliance on pain-killers and alcohol addiction, among others. The show focusses on the lead character struggling to regain his lost fame and trying to get his life back on track but often ends up making the situation worse.

Show very subtly covers sensitive subjects such as depression, trauma, sexism and racism, and overall human behavior. Fans believe that show is popular because it portrays common problems faced by an average adult such as anxiety and insecurity, things which people prefer not to talk about.

Star Cast

BoJackman is voiced by Will Arnett. Cast also includes certain other characters such as room-mate of BoJackman Todd Chavez, 24-year old good for nothing human voiced by Aaron Paul.


Amy Sedaris portrays Princess Carolyn BoJack’s agent and his girlfriend. Alison Brie as Diane Nguyen BoJack’s ghostwriter, a feminist and talented individual who marries BoJack’s rival turned friend Mr. Peanutbutter, voiced Paul F. Tompkins.

Season 6 

The first season of the show aired in 2014 and has only grown in popularity since then. The first half of Season 6 was released on Netflix in October 2018, and the second half will release on January 31, 2020.

Netflix had announced beforehand that season 6 would be last season. Show Creator Raphael Bob Waksberg was disappointed with the announcement but respected the decision of Netflix. Creator also feels that the prior announcement will give him enough time to conclude the show properly.

Maybe a Season 7?

Fans are hopeful that since the decision to end the show was that of the Production house and not the creators, they might see a Season 7 on some new platform, but so far, nothing official has been released.

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