Netflix’s “Extraction” Facing Rage Of Viewers: What’s The Backlash Is All About??

Extraction, the recently released Netflix series featuring Chris Hemsworth, famous as Thor in Marvel movies, is the recent topper in catching everyone’s eyes. Well, this is not just for the praiseworthy fighting sequence it has or the well-managed plot, but this time it’s about the color discrimination it has decided to show clearly on the basis of what nation it is.

Extraction, which is written by Joe Russo, who had contributed in four Marvel Cinematic Universe movies including the commercial hit Avengers: Endgame and facing backlash for his work, seems quite unfortunate. It would be better to know the plot before knowing the backlash it is facing.

A Quick Look To Plot

Netflix’s “Extraction” Facing Rage Of Viewers: What’s The Backlash Is All About??

Tyler Rake, the protagonist, played by Chris, is a mercenary who was an operator in Australian Special Air Service Regiment. He is engaged in a rescue operation of India’s drug lord Ovi Mahajan’s son, who is held captive in  Bangladesh by a rival kingpin of the drug world, Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli). On the other hand, a henchman portrayed by Randeep Hooda wants to complete the mission by himself and is the other obstacle in Rake’s path.

An Effort To Show Bangladesh A Dirty Place?

The Twitter world is expressing their rage on the yellow filter used for almost all scenes set in Bangladesh. And worse is that that the filter is not actual and done is in the post-production process. Not light but clearly visible tint is added for the country, and the sole reason came up in front is to show Bangladesh a dirty place.

Netflix’s “Extraction” Facing Rage Of Viewers: What’s The Backlash Is All About??
Yellow Filter Added In Extraction. Credit: Netflix.

It’s not something newly arrived; we have seen many films and TV series depicting countries like India and Mexico with yellow or orange shade.

Some More To Go…

Not only this, but the Twitterverse also found an over-rated plight faced by the white man in different countries. To make this worse, Extraction includes the sequence where this white guy trouble all through the different country to face the troublesome foreign land in order to solve a case which no one from the native place can solve. This ugly look shown of different countries had made the series slightly lower on critical front.

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