No Game No Life Season 2 may hit a comeback soon!! Will We See Sora and Shiro again? Release Date & Other Updates

Imagine you’re playing a game, and suddenly the game becomes your actual life. Isn’t that thrilling? Yes, it is. That’s pretty much the story of Sora and Shiro, 2 gamers in the show ‘No Game No Life.’ It actually says life is all in games, but by adding a sarcastic spice, it becomes No Game No Life.

No Game No Life: History 

Created by Madhouse Studio, it is well-curated Anime show with the accuracy of defining the rules of each game. The show takes Sora and Shiro in a fantasy world where every game enters their life. The show’s concept is one of a kind, and it’s unique. Also, the visuals and character design of the show are incredibly amazing. It’s Season 1 is available on Netflix.

Season 1 was originally aired in April 2014 and received massive accolades and love all around the globe from critics and teen fans. To continue to add to this love, Madhouse Studio came up with a prequel movie in 2017 to add spices to the adventure of Sora and Shiro and keep up the hopes of fans.

Netflix had recently premiered the season 1 of the Amine in February 2020. Netflix is still in the process of collecting the viewer’s count and ratings from critics.

No Game No Life Season 2 Possibilities

With such an incredible, unique concept and shining history, it doesn’t seem possible not to have a No Game No Life Season 2. The success of the show and it’s a manga of the same moniker say it silently.

No Game No Life: Sora and Shiro may return for Season 2

No Game No Life’s inspirational origin manga of the same moniker was sold at over 3 million copies worldwide. Further, Seven Sea Entertainment localized the manga bringing it to the list of New York Times Manga Best Sellers.

Another fact is the success and deep feet of Madhouse Studio in the Anime world. NGNL is one of the best performers of the Madhouse Studios, and they would surely love to give it another shot.

Looking at these positive hits, No Game No Life Season 2 isn’t much far. However, as of today, it is still a hunch in the air. Hopefully, if Madhouse decides to come up with Season 2, there’s no possibility that it’ll come in 2020. Hopefully, we’ll witness a season somewhere in 2021.

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