North Carolina: Weather Update Alert Heavy Rains and More Clouds

North Carolina Weather Alert: There are chances that it might rain on Sunday day and night and will be more cloudy that the sun won’t be visible. Rains can be substantial and are expected to rain in the night.

A developing area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will continue spreading its moisture in the way. Rain will abound the city from north to south late Sunday into Sunday night, and continue till late Monday night.

We will see a vast range of rainfall totals from this storm — from a half to one inch near the Virginia border and up to three inches near the South Carolina belt.

Dry weather will come back on Tuesday and then continue for the recline of the holiday week. You can also expect soft daytime temperatures most of the week as high reach the upper 50s and low 60s.

Please take care of yourselves avoid going out at night as it may storm during rain as well. If you go out in any case of emergency, then please cover yourselves with raincoats, and don’t forget to take umbrellas along with you. Also, call your friends, family, and neighbors to ensure that whether they need anything or help.

Take Care and Stay tuned!




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