Preacher Season 5: Release Date, Will Jesse & Tulip find their Future?

An American TV Series based on the supernatural drama genre, the first season was released in May 2016. The series is based on a comic book series, developed by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. The story revolves around Preacher, who is a chain smoker, and he has a personality of a criminal from his past, which is stuck on him like an abstention. And Now as Preacher Season 4 ended in 2019 fans are now waiting for Preacher Season 5 but unfortunately it has been delayed due to COVID-19.

The first season arrived on May 22, 2016, and the series renewed for the fourth season on August 04, 2019. Now fans are very excited to know that whether or not there will be a fifth season of the Preacher. We will discuss some important details of the upcoming season, and we will see that will Dominic Cooper going to return in season fifth??

Preacher Season 5: Plot & Expectations

After the airing of the show done on AMC in May 2016, its success started falling. The story revolves around Preacher, who recently discovered some extraordinary powers and commands others.

He decided to use these powers for doing good things, i.e., finding God. His ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and his new Vampire friend, Cassidy, followed him. Season 4 was the most lovable season by its loyal fans as the full season was full of thrill and excitement. Jesse and Tulip were constantly trying to know the future. For this, they were trying to do an assault on Massad, but it resulted in the trapping of Cassidy. Preacher Season 5 will start from here.

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Preacher Season 5: Release Date, Will Jesse & Tulip find their Future?

The Cast

All the previous casts will be returning for Preacher Season 5, including- Dominic Cooper as Preacher, Joseph Gilgun as Proinsias Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’hare’hare, Lucy Griffiths as Emily Woodrow, Ian Colletti as Eugene Root, Graham McTavish as The Cowboy, and Justin Prentice as Tyler.

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Preacher Season 5: Release Date

As we know that airing of 4 seasons of the series is already done, containing 43 episodes in total. And it was said that season 4 would be the final season. But, there is no official information on its renewal by the directors of the show.

Season 1 and season 2 were popular. But after the show’s TRP is declining. Only due to this, it will not be renewing. Fans must be sad about this, but, yes we can still hope for its renewal. As the show is not so less of the audience, it still manages to make some of its core and loyal audience.

So, there is nothing officially known about Preacher Season 5 releasing date. But, if it renews, it will reach with a new season in 2020 (last) or by 2021(beginning).

The Trailer

You can watch Preacher Season 1 to Season 4 on AMC.

But until we have a definitive release date for Season 5, you can check out more news about No Game No Life Season 2 & Goblin Slayer Season 2.

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