Now you can See ‘Double’ the Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077: Plot, Map, Weapons & Everything you need to know

If you are the kind of person who is willing to abandon all, as long as the world of gaming doesn’t unhand you, we bring you good news. Calling it that would be an understatement, I mean your playstation4, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows have renewed perks now. Yes, these are the platforms that will make cyberpunk 2077 accessible to you from 16 April 2020. If the wait sounds to be long-drawn, know there’s a lot to do and know about it. The creators of cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt red, bring to us this role-playing video game, which is set in California.

Brace yourselves to assume the role of V, a mercenary whose external beautification is going to be a product of the player’s imagination. The more deft one gets at creativity, the better looking the player is. What are good looks when the player’s personal life is left untouched? Touché. There are the non-playing characters with who V can maintain personal ties to foster romantic relationships. Does nothing but weapons and its kind lure you to a game? Cyberpunk might be your area of interest for you as it promises the availability of weapons in the form of shotguns, blades, handguns, and rifles of sorts. The color of one’s equipment accentuates its value.

While purple color signifies premium quality, the color green is meant for uncommon weapons. Night city in California will be your place of adventure as V. Apparently, it is as realistic as it gets. V, the protagonist can travel to and fro in the six demarcated districts of Night city on feet or through vehicles. Pedestrians can get run over with your car; you can buy apartments and experience this happen in a full-fledged day-night circle in this one-player game. For those of you who play to gratify the sadist within, the part of the game you should be acquainted with is where you get to use weapons, cause physical, thermal, and EMP and chemical damage and get your weapons upgraded by the gunsmith.

If the idea and the plot sound beaten, clichéd, or GTA -vice -city-like, there are the peculiarities that you are yet to have cognizance of. Brain device is the product of the developers’ creativity, which is a device that is streamed into the brains of V to help him fathom the emotional and muscle movement of another person. Throughout the game, V is accompanied by various companions. Soft drinks and other consumables are sources of healing. Play it for the perk of building the player a great personality, get embroiled in the hardships put forth, and emerge victoriously. Now hold your horses till cyberpunk is yours to relish or …can you?

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