OVERLORD Season 4: Where does the FUTURE lies? Plot, Release Date & What to expect from it

The anime Overlord is taking too long for its release, the dark fantasy-themed anime made from the novel written by Kuganae Maruyama. The anime aired from July 7, 2015. Madhouse Production is not stating anything about season 4.

The fans are very eager to watch the future of the anime. It is already two long years since season 3 came to an end. This year 2020, has expectations for the release of the fourth season. Fans highly anticipate each and daily updates of Overlord. Fans are looking forward to Madhouse Production for the official announcement.


The confirmation of the dates is still in delay. The official authorities do not have any word with anyone. Naoyuki Itō is the one who gave directions to the anime. Unofficially under a declaration, the date for the release of the anime are around this year’s spring. 


Overlord very popular around the world. The fans are from all over the world.Season 2 and 3 are less of satisfaction and didn’t reach up to the expectations of the fans. The Light Novel author did not expect such gross seasons for the past years. The script could have been better, as it was Madhouse.

The story starts with the protagonist of the series. A character is a young man who caught inside a parallel universe. In the Unknown World, he transforms himself into a powerful king and sets out to build a powerful kingdom of his own. The anime is suffering from too much of delay, mainly because of the novel as well.

The huge anime has two main characters, namely, Momonga and Albedo. The kingdom got established by Albedo in season 3. To explore more, he will now help the travelers to settle in his territory with jobs. He wants to get into more essence of adventures.

No one can see the future but can predict it. The anime series will get released soon.

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