Peaky Blinders Season 6: The Shelby Family Is Back. Scroll Below To Know All Details Of Upcoming Season

Fans of Thomas Shelby, we come as bearers as good news for you. Your favorite historical drama, Peaky Blinders, has been officially renewed for a sixth as well as a seventh season.
The first season of the periodic crime drama was released on September 12, 2013, and was a huge success. The characters of the show are inspired by a real-life youth gang, which was active during the late 19th century. Season 5 of Peaky Blinders was released on August 25, 2019, and now fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for season 6.

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Peaky Blinders: About The Show

Peaky blinders are set in a time period after the First World War and revolve around the gangster Shelby family who live in Birmingham, England. The leader of the gang is the clever and fierce Thomas (Tommy) Shelby. Chief Inspector Chester Campbell wants to put an end to the business and activities of the Shelby family, but Tommy has different plans. He wants to build an empire that knows no boundaries, and in order to make it, he will do whatever it takes.

Peaky Blinders Season 6: Expected Plot

As we know, season 5 ended on a huge cliffhanger, and fans all over the world are guessing what the next season will be about. Well, rumor has it that the storyline of Peaky Binder season 6 will focus on the character of Gina.
“I checked my email and episode one of season 6 had just arrived and I went-Oh f**k, do you want to know what happens after what we’ve just watched? I actually read the whole thing out loud. It was so compelling,” said the director, Anthony Byrne.
Well, now we know a dynamic season 6 is on its way.

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Peaky Blinders Season 6: Release Schedule

The production of Peaky Blinders season six was scheduled to begin from March 2020, but it has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. Fans were expecting that the upcoming season would release during the early months of 2021, but now it seems like it will get delayed. The makers have assured the fans that they will begin shooting as long as the pandemic situation ends and will release season 6 as early as possible.

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