Pedophile Pastor RAPED a Prisoner in JAIL, Goes FREE!!! & Only FINED!!!

In January, last month, a pastor who was obligated to do god’s work took a turn from the holy path and monstrously raped a girl in prison. The pastor is identified as Antonio Carlisle, who worked at the Greater True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, which is located in Lake City.

Carlisle was a famous street preacher in his own neighborhood (Jacksonville neighborhood), and he took up a job as an education supervisor in the Florida Department of Corrections. He joined the Florida department to help the people rehabilitate and improve for their betterment, but his intentions proved to be otherwise.  

After he had been caught for the atrocities that he committed, the  Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch gave a statement and said, “Are deeply disturbing and horrifying. His offenses are opposite to the core values of the Florida Department of Corrections. FDC is moving forward with his immediate action to dismissal.”

Moreover, reports from the FDC’s Office of the Inspector General stated that after conducting a forensic’s exam of sexual abuse, it was discovered that Carlisle’s DNA had a very significant role to play in the rape case. His DNA sample was collected on 29 January, Wednesday and it matched with the case that he was facing, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The case came to light when one of the inmates reported Carlisle and accused of sexually assaulting another inmate. He seemingly was helping the victim, but, in reality, it was the only, pretense and he raped the victim on August 6.

Carlisle was to pay a penalty of $1.5 million and is currently facing charges of sexual misconduct in Bradford County. It was discovered by the local court that Carlisle previously also faced charges of sexual misconduct in 2003, but the victim dropped the charges against him. Further investigations are ongoing, and the case is still pending.

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