Pedophile R Kelly HUMILIATED!!! by Judge & Denied Release Request 3 TIMES!!!

Every Shiny Thing is not a Diamond; we here these phares many times, and this perfectly implies on the glamorous industry, The Film Industry. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, both glamorous places are controversial.

Robert Sylvester Kelly or R. Kelly, American singer’s request denies by a judge. He is worried about his health due to this coronavirus pandemic and thinks he is at greater risk behind bars, but the appeal gets denied by Judge Ann Donnelly.

Let me tell you all; he is locked up in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago due to multiple sex crime charges on him. The Bureau of Prison state that there are 18 confirmed active cases of covid 19 in the jail. Kelly is feeling high risk for his life there. His lawyer argued medical reports and show he is likely “diabetic,” but Judge Ann Donnelly said,

“she did not believe prediabetes present a compelling reason for the defendant released.”

Kelly and his lawyer is not happy with the judge’s decision. This the third time kelly’s request gets rejected by the judge. This 53-year-old American musician is facing sex crime charges in four separate jurisdictions in Chicago, New York, and Minnesota.

In New York, accuse he charges for using his Fame Name to involve young girls for illegal sexual activity. Also accuse him of Kidnapping, sexual exploitation of a child, and forced child labor.

In Chicago’s case, he is charged for having sex with an underage girl and video tapping it. He used to hide his crimes by his money power. New York and Chicago trials are scheduled for September and October, respectively.

It is still not sure this trial will be held on this current given time due to coronavirus pandemic, but it looks like kelly could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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