‘Penn Badgley’ is coming with “You Season 3” very SOON!!! Release Date, Cast and Everything we know so far.

The TV series ‘You’ is an American psychological thriller based on the 2014 novel, which goes by the same name written by Caroline Kepnes. It is directed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble and produced by Warner Horizon Television in association with Alloy Entertainment and A&E Studios.

Its first season came out in September 2018, followed by its second season in December in the same year. It was highly appreciated by the public and had over 52 million viewers.

STORYLINE of You Season 3 (Spoiler Alert!)

The story revolves around a book shop owner Joe Goldberg who also happens to be a serial killer. As he falls in love with one of his customers Guinevere Beck, the audience is taken on a tour following their lives, witnessing the extents to which Goldberg is willing to go in order to protect his love interest.

'Penn Badgley' is coming with "You Season 3" very SOON!!! Release Date, Cast and Everything we know so far.

The second season introduced the audience to one of the characters associated with his past, Candace. Here Goldberg is seen to be trying to manage his life with the constant threat of Candace ruining his relationship with his current and new love interest, Love Quinn. He will stop at nothing: lies, murders, fake identities, burying evidence, he’s ready to go through it all.

New Details of You Season 3

the writers ended the second season on a cliffhanger. While we were almost convinced that Joe is a changed man, the last scene where he can’t take his eyes off the new neighbor tells us otherwise.

Going by the popularity the series gained, it is no surprise that it is being renewed for a third season. We have two news, one good and one bad. Starting with the bad one, even though the renewal is official, its release date has not been finalized yet. It is said to be coming out in 2021.

Coming to the good news, the makers in one of the interviews have guaranteed it’s viewers an entertainment-packed season three. Moreover, the preparations for the same have already begun. It looks like this wait is definitely going to be worth it.

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