Persona 6: Who Are The Protagonists In Persona 6? What Are New Platforms? Read All Details About The Game

Considered to be one of the best role-playing game series, Persona recently released its sixth installment, which turned out to be a major hit amongst gamers all over the world. Persona 5 Royale released almost two weeks ago on March 30, 2020, and we cannot wait for Persona 6.

Fans all over the world are sharing fan theories and making guesses about Persona 6.

How Is Persona 6 Different From All Rest of The Games?

Fans are hoping that in Persona 6, the protagonists will be adults and not the usual high schoolers. The thing with high school characters is, you have to be in bed on time, romantic relationships have a limit, and your character has to suffer from the stress caused by exams. That will not be the case with adult protagonist characters. As an adult, you can have a job, work overtime, stay up late, have more mature relationships, and much more.

Nothing is confirmed as of now. But we can expect that if Persona 6 will have protagonists as high schoolers, then the feature to join different clubs, which was removed in Persona 5, will be again added. Rumour has it that Persona 6 will revolve around a new transfer student.
Adults or high schoolers, we know one thing for sure, we will have a lot of fun while playing it.

When Will Persona 6 Release?

Well, things look positive for Persona 6, but a release date has yet not been officially confirmed by the game developers. Although rumor has it that the game will release on January 11, 2024, in Japan, whatever it is, we know one thing for sure, that Persona 6 is years and years away.

Will Persona 6 Be Available On Different Platforms? 

Persona 5 Royale released on PlayStation 4, leaving a lot of fans disappointed. But we are hopeful that Persona 6 will release on multiple platforms like the Switch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Persona 6 will be available on platforms other than just PlayStation. It will be a long wait for the fans but a totally worth one.

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