Konosuba Season 3 ANNOUNCED Release Date Confirmed for 2022

The Creators of Konosuba has announced that the upcoming Konosuba Anime. Unfortualtely they haven’t confirmed whether it will be Konosuba Season 3 or a movie.

The original name of this Konosuba Season 3 series is ‘KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!’ but we all recognize this as Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! In Japan, the anime was an instant success. And After many speculations, it looks like Season 3 Is Finally Happening.

Konosuba Season 3: Everything you need to know about

The Konosuba Manga was released on October 1, 2013, and in the next year, on September 9, 2014, it served a manga series of the same name.

After three years of publications of the prime novel series, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! was presented as an anime show and it was released with the name KonoSuba! On January 14, 2016. It didn’t take too much time for this anime to become a sensation and therefore, the enthusiastic fans loved it a lot suddenly because of this love the series was renewed for the second season.

Should We Expect Konosuba S3 To Arrive?

The second season premiered on 12 January 2017. It takes 1 year to release the second season. Fans also got a fortune to watch a few OVAs that released after the second season, but notably, the fans enjoy a lot the second season and now they strenuously waiting for Season 3.

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date Confirmed for 2022: All Updates [2021]

The second season of KonoSuba premiered for the primary time on January 12, 2017. And since then, fans have been speculating and throwing their guesses for season 3, and many claim that the show’s creators have plans for Konosuba Season 3.

As we know, the second season premiered the first time on January 12, 2017. And from the ending time of the second season, all fans are waiting for the update of Season 3. Also, lots of people confirming that the creators of this series have a whole plan for Season 3.

Konosuba Season 3: Release Date

Even though the creators have announced that they are working on a new Konosuba Anime, we don’t have any official confirmation about Season 3 and the creators also didn’t release any press release or anything. It was informed that the movies based on the show released in 2019. If there is any season three that will release we hope Season 3 will be premiered in late 2021 or 2022.

Now if we go by the latest news & rumors going around the industry then we might have an expected Konosuba Season 3 Release Date. Going by this Rumor Season 3 might be premiering sometime in January 2022. This information is not solid as neither the author nor the studio has confirmed any release date for Season 3. And they’re all we can do is be optimistic about the release date.

The illustration of any book or series is the essence, and it’s the only point that needs a high level of creativity. This movie based on comedy and fantasy and its light novel series which is written by Natsume Akatsuki and is illustrated by Kurone Mishima.

The movie is helmed by Takaomi Kanasaki and is featured in animation production by J.C. Staff. In the Japanese world, This series is available for theatres and screens on 30 August 2019. And you’ll be able to watch Konosuba Season 3 in 2021.

Popularity of Konosuba Around the World

as we all know making tv shows is a business and businesses continue if they are producing good results , hence the more popular konosuba will be the more it has a chance of being renewed for future seasons.

Konosuba is a really popular anime with the official twitter handle having 298,500 followers, konosuba is also ranked 34 in the rankings done by ‘My anime list’, the second season is ranked 71. It is believed that any anime that is in the top 100 rankings is a really popular anime.

Cast of konosuba

  • Jun Fukushima as Kazuma
  • Sora amamiya as Aqua
  • Ai  kayano as darkness
  • Rie Takahashi as Megumin
  • Aki toyosaki as Yunyun
  • Yui horie as Wiz

Concluding points

Konosuba is one of the most popular anime’s in this world , it has a huge fan base in among both western audiences and Japanese audiences , it has seen a lot of success with the 2 seasons it has released and the movie has also been a huge success. it is believed that the third season of konosuba will most likely air in 2022 or latest by 2023 .fans of this show are eagerly waiting for it’s return

Konosuba Storyline:

The narrative of the anime follows a humiliating passing. Kazuma a Japanese maverick high schooler kid away from society. He meets goddess Aqua, she offers him to resurrect him in an equal world with MMORPG (greatly multiplayer online pretending game) components. He can go on undertakings and battle beasts.

Despite the fact that he is accepting superpowers things and capacities to use in the new world. Because of some incitement, Kazuma picks Aqua to take him to the town of Axel discovering her distracted. To come back to existence in the wake of death Aqua needed to overcome Devil King. Otherwise, she will be not able to return. Both of them structure a group including the other two individuals as well.

Konosuba Season 3: Trailer

The trailer for Season 3 of Konosuba is not available yet. We’ll make sure to update as soon as the trailer or any new information is announced.

Konosuba Season 3: Delays

Earlier it was being rumored that Season 3 of Konosuba was going to return in 2020. However, that was not the case. This is because of the sudden onset of COVD-19 which caused the production of Season 3 to delay. But now according to the latest industry source, it has been somewhat confirmed that Konosuba Season 3 is returning in 2021. We do not have the exact release date yet. But rest assured as soon as we have a definitive release date or any news about it we’ll let you know.

As we know lots of people are not in anime. They can watch Crunchyroll. Going with how the streaming service describes the anime series, “After a traffic accident, Kazuma Sato’s disappointingly brief life was supposed to be over. But he wakes up to see a beautiful girl before him. She claims to be a goddess, Aqua and asks if he would really like to travel to a different world and convey just one thing with him.

Kazuma decides to bring the goddess herself, and that they are transported to a fantasy world crammed with adventure, ruled by a demon king. Now Kazuma only wants to measure in peace, but Aqua wants to unravel many of this world’s problems. And therefore the demon king will only turn a blind eye for therefore long…”

But until we have a Definitive Release Date you can check out more news about No Game No Life Season 2 & More

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