Predator Hunting Ground: Trail Beta on PS4, Expected Release Date & Other Updates

In this current situation of lockdown, if you are looking for something adventurous to do or we can say to play something new, then you may find yourself drawn towards the Predator: Hunting Grounds game. So far as we know that Predator: Hunting Grounds was originally announced last year, as a Play station 4 exclusives.

Predator Hunting Ground Release Date

Since then though, Epic games paid some money to secure a PC release on its own store. This weekend it will be available on both Play Station 4 and PC via the epic games store.  So you can get some early hands-on time ahead of its official launch on April 24th, 2020.

Here is some exciting information about the game by IllFonic:

At the announcement, One of the secrets of the Predator: hunting ground game is that it has been the inclusion of the female predators.

When they first came up with what this game would be, they knew that they had to create the world this ultimate female warrior would exist too. They had fun imagining the back story, which helped us to create a fierce warrior that any gamer will have fun playing. She is agile, fast, and relentless. She is a huntress without fear, and she thrives in the hunt. In the trailer, we can see her with a weapon that IllFonic created, the Yautja Bow.

This is no ordinary bow,  deals massive damage to its prey, and will pin the enemy to walls and other structures at death. She has access to the predator arsenal as well.

Speaking of the Predator arsenal… this trailer was of the hardest but rewarding to make because we had to so much to share about the predators. Because they wanted to be certain that conveyed that the Predator, male and female, is truly the universe ‘s deadliest adversary.

So,  if you want more information about the game, stay tuned with us.

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