Psychotic Monster BUTCHERED a BABY Boys, Says ‘He just felt liking KILLING!!’

Recently, after a terrifying case has been scaring parents throughout the world, who are now fearing the safety of their children from psychologically disturbed murderers who have no particular reason to commit such horrible crimes, but they commit them anyway just for the fun or thrill of it harming someone else without a motive or a reason. 

Such a case has just appeared in the first week of this month. A 12-year-old boy was attacked brutally in his home while he was sleeping at night. After the attack, the boy was rushed to the hospital, where he barely survived and recovered from ten-brutal-stabs on his body.

 The boy is identified as Yariel Suarez, who was attacked by a stranger at his house. The stranger attacked Yariel with a utility knife on Sheffield Street SW near Hayden Street at Grove Apartments, where the body lived along with his mother. 

Yahia Suarez, the 12-year-old’s mother, was sleeping in the room next to her son’s. She woke up when she heard the horrifying screams of her son and rushed to the next room. When she entered and turned on the lights, she found blood all over the place and also on her son’s face.

It was almost like a crime scene from a thriller film. The room had no one else except for her son. 

She rushed her son to the hospital, who was already in a serious condition and found that he’d been stabbed so badly that the knife broke on his face. 

A few hours later, the local police arrested the culprit, and he was charged with first-degree breaking in and intent to kill. The culprit is identified as Denny McNees, who told the police that he had no reason for attacking Yariel. He only attacked him because the neighbor’s doors were laches up strongly, and Yariel’s backdoor seemed weak. 

As of now, McNees is still in police custody and has been fined a penalty of $500000 and will be appearing in court on 18 February, later this month. 

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