PUBG KR Download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!

It is awful that pubg got banned in India as it is stated that it as a ‘Threat to National Security’. Are you disappointed for this ban? Yes, you are as many others do. Perhaps you are here for some alternatives to play your loved game even after ban as you can’t let go of this game in mind. You can play pubg Kr version though. Read the full article for steps for pubg Kr download

PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!

118 Chinese Apps Including PUBG Mobile Have Been Banned in India|Pubg KR download

PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!

The Indian Government has chosen to ban PUBG mobile along with 118 other applications. This comes in the wake of the ongoing rivals between India and China in Ladakh.PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy! The move to ban several applications has been considered by the government. Because to protect the privacy, defence and security of India. Also, a similar reasoning that was given by the government earlier with the popular social TikTok app ban.

PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!

Eventhough the game itself is from South Korea, both the mobile versions of it are progressed under the Chinese gaming company, Tencent.PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!

But now, one question which arises in the minds of avid PUBG mobile players is whether they will still have a way to play the pubg after its ban. Go ahead and read further for the answer.


PUBG ban: ‘Are gamers still able to Play’ |PUBG KR download

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been banned in India due to rising tension with China. However, The popularity of the game has been unparalleled with over 50 million users from India having downloaded the game. It is a battle royale game, a genre that was persuaded by the Hunger Games books and movies. Since long-time players may be stunned with the PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite ban. They can take releif in knowing that the game will still be available on PC, Xbox and PS4.

The PC and other versions of the game are run by the servers which have been based totally in South Korea. PUBG Mobile/Lite are games developed in China by Tencent Games under a license given by the Lorean company named Krafton Inc. Since PUBG on other platforms in India is not banned, gamers can simply avail access PUBG on the computer, laptop, PSs and Xbox.

The amount of Pubg available for Other Consoles| PUBG KR download

While players can still have expectations on their loved game and play it on various platforms, it will cost them a buck. But for now, the PC version of the game is available for ‘799 Rs.’ in online stores and the PS4 version is available for ‘1,199 RS.’. Though these versions of the game are expensive for sure as compared to the free mobile version, die-hard fans of the game may not worry before having to buy the game online. However, for a no-cost but low on graphic experience, users and gamers can download the PUBG lite PC variant which is available for free of cost.

PUBG Mobile has viewed a global revenue gain of $1.3 billion (roughly Rs 9,731 crore) in the initial 6 months of its launch. This made its lifetime collection to $3 billion (approximately Rs 22,457 crore) with the highest number of downloads in India which ranks at the top with a total of 175 million installs as people stayed home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

PUBG was not banned in India previously as it is not totally Chinese based app. The game has been created and managed by Bluehole which is a South Korean company/organization.

Particularly, India’s move to ban PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps came after a recent Chinese aggression in the Indian territory at Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh. The country has banned over 200 Chinese apps so far. The list also includes short video-sharing platform TikTok and UC Browser, owned by Alibaba which are vast used.

Here are a few ways to play Pubg after ban:

1. Play PUBG Using VPN

PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!

With the ban having just been initiated and stated, it took some time and now officially it was removed from Google Play Store and Apple app Store.

Also, several players are still able to access and play the game on their mobile phones. Evennit is banned, since it appears that PUBG has not yet disconnected the territory servers.

So if players still want to play it, one method can be through a VPN. If people want to continue playing the game on their phone. They can play by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

People can change to a foreign server, one where PUBG mobile is active and play from there.

2. Play PUBG Desktop VersionPUBG KR download

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite might be banned. PUBG PC and other variants other than mobile are still legal in the country.

PUBG KR download| Play Pubg KR Version after Ban to Enjoy!
PC Version Lobby

Because these versions have been developed by PUBG Corporation which is owned by BlueHole, a South Korean organization. Thus, they are still available in India .

The game runs only when the requirements are met. If you push it, the system will not be productive as it used to be.

3. Play PUBG Korean Version PUBG KR download

The PUBG Korean version is available to downloaded and has not been banned by the government.

This could be because it is only for South Korea and Japan regions and not simply available everywhere.

People can download it from Tap Tap, a gaming application platform, easily for Android and iOS.

The steps to PUBG KR download:

  • Open and access the Tap Tap website
  • Install Tap Tap application.
  • Then search for PUBG Mobile Korea version.
  • Download once you see the KR version and not the global version.
  • You can then play the game without any steps.

These are some ways that players can still play PUBG without losing the game and their progress in it totally.

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