Rapper ‘Tekashi 6ix9ine’ Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Federal charges of Extortion!!!

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison for crimes he committed while he was an active member of a violent gang.

Daniel Hernandez is the real name of this rapper, who has been pleaded guilty to racketeering and other offenses.

He denied the charges at the beginning of the case but entered a plea bargain giving evidence against other involved active gang members to get a reduced sentence of imprisonment.

The 13 months he’s spent in jail already will also be included in his sentence.

Rapper 'Tekashi 6ix9ine' Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Federal charges of Extortion!!!

The rapper was asked to face a minimum of 47 years and a maximum of life in prison, but the plea bargain means he could be released from jail in 2020 after his two years of imprisonment.

He testified provided shreds of evidence against former members of Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang with whom he used to commit criminal offenses.

The offenses 6ix9ine was charged, includes racketeering, carrying a firearm, assault with a dangerous weapon, and several conspiracy murder charges. He has also found guilty in kidnapping charges

He joined the criminal gang in the year 2017. And he left the group in less than a year.

Racketeering means when people use criminal actions to repeatedly force people and take money, and most likely associated with protection rackets. He revealed many names involved in the Racketeering.

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