Rapper Tupac Shakur is NOT DEAD!!! & FAKED HIS DEATH!!!, He’s Alive in Mexico: Is This True?

Dead Man walking in the streets, or did he die?

A lot of people believe that faking death and remain hiding is only possible in movies and not in real life. There are a few instances when real-life events are inspired by movies. One such incident is that of American Rapper Tupac.

What happened?

It is a recorded fact that a little over 24 years on 13th September 1996, rapper Tupac was shot four times in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died a week later in the hospital due to gunshot wounds. Since his death, numerous theories have emerged which say that he faked his death and is now living a new life with a new identity.

An Explanation?

A new theory has emerged which has been turned into a documentary called “2Pac: The Great Escape from UMC. Documentary creator Filmmaker Rick Boss believes Tupac did not die that night. He has made the documentary based on testimony and statements given by close friends and family of the rapper to prove his point.

Chain of Events

On the fateful night, Tupac, after watching a fight between Bruce Sheldon and Mike Tyson decided to go to Suge Knight’s home and after that to Suge’s Club. On their way to the club, a white Cadillac pulled up next to their car and started firing indiscriminately.source:britannica.com

Tupac received four gunshot wounds, and Suge got injured but not fatally. Tupac was rushed to the hospital, where he fought for his life for a week but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

But Why and How?

Police could not find the exact reason for the deadly attack on Tupac, but rumors suggested that a gang member of Southside Crips was responsible. According to the new theory, there was a body double in Knight’s car that night when the shooting occurred. This body double died in place of Tupac.

Tupac, after that, flew to New Mexico using a helicopter to live a life in hiding with the Navajo Indian Tribe. Tupac knew that Crips gang were after him, and they would not stop until he died. Hence, he allegedly gave Crips what they wanted and saved himself.

Fact or Fiction?

Facts, as narrated in the documentary, are believable, but since it’s a controversial theory, we will never know the actual “truth” about the whole incident.

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