Researcher Discover SECRET MOON previously Undiscovered & Scientist are Loosing their Mind

Recently an astonishing news waves on the internet about the discovery of new mini-moon. Astronomers of the   University of  Arizona’s steward observatory have announced that they have discovered a2 and satellite of the earth.

The newly discovered asteroid is named as  2020 CD 3, they have called it so because it is found in the shape of c- disc-shaped. The orbit of the newly discovered object  2020CDS shows that it entered the earth orbit three years ago. The new  Mini- moon  2020 CD3 was seen using a 152-meter telescope, near Tucson

The object of the realm appears to 6.2 to 11.5 feet ( 1.9 to 3.5) in diameter, and it has a surface of brightness, typical of a carbon-rich asteroid.

On 15 Feb,  Kacper Wierzchos, a senior research specialist for NASA  and the University of Arizona’s office, announced that a new object ( mini-moon) is found by  Twitter.

It’s is not the first time that the earth found it’s satellite last time a confirmed mini-moon had been discovered in 2006,-2007, which orbited earth 18 months, and it is   3- foot wide ( 0.9 meter)  which is known as RH120.

On Tuesday, the Smithsonian Astrophysical observatory &Minor planet center has also confirmed the new of mine moon.

The  MPC( minor planet center)  is the single worldwide location for the receipts and distribution of positional measurement of minor Palmer’s and comets and outer irregular natural satellite of the major planets.

According, the official,  the recent discovered 2nd  satellite is expected to drop out of the orbit around the earth in  April.

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