Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich Working on New Film ‘Monster Hunter’ with September 2020 Release Date, Plot and Cast Details here!

Monster Hunter is an upcoming action-thriller fantasy movie based on Capcom’s action role-playing game of the same name. Paul W.S Anderson, famously known for Resident Evil series, has penned down and directed the movie. Paul had announced during that Cannes Film Festival in 2018 about the start of the making of the movie, with a fair budget of $60 million. Screen Gems, Impact Pictures, and Constantin Films have produced the film. However, Sony Pictures will take care of the distribution.

Movie’s Plot

Monster Hunter is derived from the game of the same name. U.S military team falls into a parallel dimension full of gigantic and powerful monsters, with evil intentions. Captain Artemis partners with the Hunter, to face the monsters. Also, the story has a portion focused on another small team, who tries to safeguard the Earth by finding ways to block the entry of monsters to invade Earth.

Many changes and fluctuations have happened in plot recent past since the movie is announced. It is yet not sure about what story freezes finally. Though, it is based on the Caption game but doesn’t match entirely to aspects of the game. This difference may have surfaced due to real-time elements of cinematography.

Monster Hunter’s Cast

Monster Hunter will witness some of the stars who have brought laurels to Hollywood. Let’s have a quick look –

  1. Milla Jovovich – Wife of writer-producer Paul W.S. Anderson, will play the lead role as Captain, Natalie Artemis. She is known for her role in Resident evil. Reel-life Hunter Captain had recently posted a sneak peek on Instagram to her followers.

2. Tony Jaa – A martial artist-cum-actor, will showcase his Ong-Bak like moves and will surely be a treat for cinematics.

3. Ron Perlman – Famous as “Hellboy,” will portray as an Admiral in the Monster Hunter.

Other cast members will be Meagan Good, Josh Helman, Jin-An Yeung, and Diego Boneta.

Monster Hunter Release to happen in September 2020. Read the Plot and Cast Details here!

When will Monster Hunter release?

Monster Hunter’s team has promised date of September 4, 2020. In the worst-case, hope that there will be no hiccups, and fans will witness an excellent action-packed movie. Shall there be any delay, Herald Journalism, with an update here? Since the Monster Hunter game is top-rated among gaming enthusiasts, there is a high probability that it will be a massive success in the Asian sub-continent. 

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