Return to the Jam: Don Cheadle Joins ‘ Jam 2 Space Confirmed…Release Date, New Cast and More!!!

The Newest Addition To cast:

Don Cheadle knows it’s time to slam now. There’s a serious jam going down in the form of Space Jam 2. A sequel to the awful-yet-somehow-loved live-action. Animation mix of the 1990s starring basketball hero Michael Jordan teaming up with the Looney Tunes.

Current NBA superstar LeBron James has been trying for years to get a sequel off the ground he has finally managed to make that happen and now Cheadle is the newest addition to the cast.

I borrow the everlasting words from the theme song of the first movie: Oh, what will it do? If Avengers and Ocean’s Eleven star Don Cheadle are the “you” in question, the response is, “Join the cast of Space Jam 2.” Deadline claims Cheadle is on board, but his role kept under wraps bhul

The anonymity means there are virtually endless possibilities for his character. He could be playing his own exaggerated version.

Cheadle could be a new monster, the basketball-playing aliens in the first movie that snatched the talent from the NBA players. Perhaps, my personal favorite idea, he could reprise his role. As an explosive specialist, Basher Tarr from the trio of the Ocean. With complete with the famously nonsensical accent of Basher in English.

Yeah, we never thought Space Jam 2 would actually happen, but now that it is, there is nothing beyond the realm of possibility to me. Bring Jam Cinematic Universe to the Ocean / Air!

The Legend of Earl:

Ryan Coogler makes this sequel, which was once written by Justin Lin but is now being helmed by Terence Nance. The story is still completely under wraps. All we know is that it’ll be about bugs bunny and the looney tunes joining forces with James on the court to take on an unknown entity.

So there’s no indication yet if the storyline maintains the same basic structure as the original film. If that sequel seeks to extend the story in a different way.


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