[Revealed] Jumanji 4: Dwayne Johnson and Nick Jonas are Returning !!!! Read to Know Release Schedule & Plot

Everyone in their childhood would have watched Jumanji as a movie filled with fantasy and adventure.

We were as eager as the actors themselves to get out of the Jumanji. As the actors made the film franchise so nail-biting.

Jumanji 2 Poster
Jumanji 2 Poster

Jumanji 4 Plot

Jumanji’s plot though always involves the game of Jumanji the adventure they face at each of the parts is different and even more thrilling than the last part.
The first part involved the characters finding the game and getting inside of it by mistake and struggles to get out of it alive.

The fourth part considering the Jumanji: the next level the actors have to go back into the game to bring back Dr. Smolder and the others. So guess we will have another part where they are going into the game and will they all survive this time? Well, this is up to the makers really.

Jumanji 4 Cast

The star cast of this film franchise is always bigger and we might have them all back though not for a long durations still, it’s happy news.

Jumanji 2 Poster
Jumanji 2 Poster

The main cast is:

Dwayne Johnson playing as Dr. Xander Bravestone aka Smolder.

Jack Black playing as professor Sheldon Oberon aka shelly.

Kevin Hart playing as Franklin Finbar aka Mouse.

Awkwafina playing as Ming Fleetfoot.

Nick Jonas playing as Alex.

Karen Gillan playing as Ruby Roundhouse

Jumanji 4 Release Date

The first-ever film of the Jumanji franchise released way back in the year 1995 while the last movie released in the Jumanji franchise is the Jumanji: The next level released in the year 2019.

The sequel to this film is going to be the 4th part but 5th in the Jumanji film franchise. The film is speculated to go on screens in the year 2021.

The trailers can be expected to release in maybe by the end of this year that is the year 2020.
Dwayne Johnson has explained that this part of the Jumanji is going to be more adventurous and will have more avatars in the game making it tough to get out this time.

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