Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems and Money] Lost Crusade Free Download

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Download Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk for Android. Create Your Own Civilization. … Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade. for Android. LilithGames.

Name Rise of Kingdom: Lost Crusade
Category Strategy
Publisher LilithGames
Size 105MB
Mod Features Unlimited Gems, Money
Available Here Google Play Button
Updated 25 July 2021

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How much joy it is to see a kingdom of your own, designed by you, customized by you, rooted by you. A kingdom which you have transformed from grass root barren land into a paradise of fascination consisting of various skyscrapers, numerous workers always ready at your service. Workers who firmly believe in the fact that your wish is their command.

As a very wise saying has been coming on till date that Rome was not built in a day, same comes into consideration while we are talking about playing Rise of Kingdom: Lost Crusade apk. Great things take a handsome amount of time to happen in reality and mark their presence forever in the world.

Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems and Money] Lost Crusade Free Download

The time when Rise of Kingdoms: The Lost Crusade was released was back in the year 2018 and ever since its advent it was sure enough to get a huge number of users with the passage of time. And then moving a year ahead, they enhanced their model/ features of the game, then came the draconic 2020 and their status went even more up because of the people being locked up in their houses and having more time in comparison to what they have in the prior years, and in this year 2021, we expect it to rise even more and prosper.

The primary reason for the prosperity of “Rise of Kingdoms” is the monetization strategy that makes them stand apart from the crowd of all the games in the virtual world. Now that we have started talking about the monetization practices being adopted by the game in order to scintillate itself in the gaming market, so we will be having a look at the game money-making process, step by step.

The Success Rate of “Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk”

This game was released in September 2018 by Lilith Games. I am sure that you are familiar with some of their other successful titles such as AFK Arena, Art of Conquest, Soul Hunters, etc.

Rise of Kingdoms is a real-time strategized game. It also falls into the 4x and builds & battle strategy subgenres – a pretty competitive and crowded territory.

Nevertheless, this game made it to the top of the genre. Here’s what Rise of Kingdoms has accomplished in less than three years of existence:

  • $1,15 billion all-time revenue
  • 67 million worldwide downloads

Though these data are not authentically taken, their legitimacy is approximated to be around this only by having a rough analysis of the figure.

At some point in writing, this game is ranked #5 on the top-grossing chart of strategy games. It surpassed some great games like Lords Mobile and Clash Royale.

Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems and Money] Lost Crusade Free Download

One of the game’s successes factors is its advertising strategy that has helped them attract new players every day. Once they start playing, all other game elements work together towards a common goal that is to generate revenue in order to prosper.


Here is how it all looks from a player’s point of view.

  • FIRST IMPRESSION When you launch the game, you get to pick your favorite civilization. Rome, China, Britain, Japan…There are 8 of them to pick from. I decided on Rome and got a powerful commander character.After that, a skippable intro video begins. It tells you an inspiring story of how it all began and what you should do with your civilization. This really immerses you into the game.The GAME TUTORIAL beautiful Roman woman appears. She is here to guide you through the game.She tells you about the gameplay, features, and brings interesting backstories. You will learn how to train your troops, upgrade your buildings, scout for barbarians, etc.

    The tutorial process is step by step, pretty long, and filled with a lot of information. If you ever played similar games, all of it feels quite familiar, so you can afford to speed up some parts.

    ART STYLE FORMS Rise of Kingdoms features a recognizable strategy game art style. It comes in landscape orientation and stylized graphics. The game’s characters are cartoonish with accentuated features. For example, your generals come with an unrealistically huge upper body. This signalizes how strong and battle-ready they are.

    This kind of graphic style helps players immerse themselves into the fantasy world. Another thing that helps with this is the player’s top perspective view. You can see and control everything from your height. Or as some say, you get to play god.

    Another interesting art feature is that the game follows a night and day cycle. This way, you always know what time it is in your civilization.

    UI/ UX FEATURES The game is set on a huge map for you to explore. Just zoom in and out to explore different cities and areas.

    You’ll be spending most of your time in your own city, making it a great one. Here, you will get to know about the game’s main features:

    • Resources (top right)
    • Shop and events (top right)
    • Quests (top left)
    • World map (bottom left)

    When there’s something new for you to check out, red notifications will appear next to the features. While playing this game, you will find it is filled with things to check and do.

Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems and Money] Lost Crusade Free Download


  • The Mechanics of the Game: Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk comes with the usual mechanics for this type of strategy game. Here is a breakdown of the main elements the game consists of:
    • Exploring, Expanding, Exploiting, Exterminating namely the 4 x.
    • base building, collecting resources, troop training
    • fighting against AI and other players of these work together for achieving your ultimate goal – progress. There are a few main mechanics that make all of this possible, so let me guide you through them. WORLD BUILDING City building, base building, civilization development, call it whatever you want.You will be able to build two types of buildings, economic and military. The first ones are here to keep the city alive (farms, storage, lumber mills). Military buildings are made for your troops (barracks, archery range, hospital…)Once you build them, you will constantly upgrade your buildings. Upgrades come with wait timers that range from seconds to hours. These timers are one of the game’s main monetization points.There is one building that symbolizes your overall progress – the City Hall. What I mean is, when your City Hall is at level 2, you are a level 2 player. When it reaches level 7, so do you.

      RESOURCE MANAGEMENT  Without resources, there is no progression. The game’s main three resources are gems, food, wood, and stone. You will receive plenty of food, wood, and stone as rewards for completing quests.

      Gems are the game’s premium currency, so the game is a bit less generous with them.

      Troop resources are equally important. The most valuable people you have in your troops are your commanders. Their main role is to lead their troops to victories. All of them come with unique skill sets which should be upgraded.

      REAL-TIME COMBAT FACILITYIf there is one thing that makes Rise of Kingdoms stand out from the rest of the genre, this is it. First of all, troop movements are unrestricted. You can redirect or intercept your troops in the middle of the route.

      Second, the battles are not instantly finished. Instead, they are resolved in alternating turns that last for one second. Besides this, you can recall your army at any time. All of this brings a whole new layer of action and dynamic to the game.

      Besides other players, you will also battle barbarians wandering around the map.


  • Knowledge of the Monetization strategy adopted by “Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade”
  • Strategy players are an interesting group of people belonging to the community of mobile gamers. They stereotypically play competitively, frequently, and have longer sessions.

Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems and Money] Lost Crusade Free Download

The result? Strategy games have higher LTV and revenue per install in comparison to other genres. In fact, strategy games are among three genres where players are most likely to complete in-app purchases (Facebook Gaming). However, to successfully monetize them, you have to have the right approach.

Does Rise of Kingdom’s monetization strategy pass the test? It’s time to analyze.

What kind of Monetization Models Rise Of Kingdoms Uses?

In-app purchases are like the heart and soul of the revenue forming the structure of this game.

Additionally, this game’s monetization mix includes a few subscription features as well.

How about we cover them all?

Rise of Kingdoms In-App Purchases Strategy and Setup

Talking of monetization, the only logical place to start is the game’s store.

Particularly in the case of “Rise of Kingdoms: The lost Crusade”, where the in-game store is really rich. It comes with a lot of sections and offers. They namely are written below:-

  • First Recharge Gift Package:- The first thing you’ll see in the game’s store here is that they try to turn new players into payers. For this reason, the initial offer comes at a low price, $0.99. At this price, it gives you a new commander, VIP privileges, gems, and plenty of other items. It even features an intro video that lets you get to know the commander better.
  • Super-Value Bundle:-  In this section, the prices go a little higher, but the offer value is equally attractive. These offers get updated depending on player progress and current events. In the initial setting, there are 8 different offers, all at the same price – $4.99. One of them is a one-time opportunity, while the others come with timers.
  • Daily Special Offer:- You will probably visit this section every single day, even as a free-to-play player. This is where you come to claim your free daily chest. Just underneath, there are three tempting offers. How tempting? Well, these three offers are the game’s best sellers. The offers come at low prices, $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99. They bring speed-ups, VIP points, loot box keys, gems, etc. A perfect combo of big quantities and small pricing.
  • Gem Store:- This section is what you would typically expect from an in-game store. Six different-sized packs of gems, at six different prices. The prices start at $0.99 and go all the way up to $99.99. These offers don’t offer as much value for money as the previous ones. However, the first purchase definitely pays off. Only that one time, you will get everything double!
  • Supply Depot:- Here, you can find six different subscription plans with six different resources, from gems to gold. The gem subscription is the top-seller among these plans. After all, you will be running out of gems all the time. This subscription plan stretches over a month’s time and comes at $9.99. It gives you 2,200 gems instantly and 650 per day if you log in each day. This is a total of 19,500 gems! For comparison’s sake, if you spent $49.99 in the gem store, you would only get 12,000 gems. This is 30 dollars less and 8,500 gems more. Yes, the subscription value is that good. 
  • Growth Fund:- Sorry, VIP only. Really, you have to reach at least VIP level 5 to be able to purchase it. It costs $14.99 and you can only purchase it once. Once you buy the Growth Fund, it is permanent and all yours. Here’s the deal. The Growth Fund follows progress. Every time your City Hall reaches certain levels, you will get a gem bonus. As you level up, the bonuses get bigger and bigger.

Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems and Money] Lost Crusade Free Download

5 Things You Can Learn From Rise of Kingdoms Monetization

You made it all the way here, so let’s sum it all up. Here are all the good things about Rise of Kingdoms Monetization in one place.

Draw Players Into the Store

There are two main ways the game attracts players to the game’s store.

The first ones are daily chests the players know where to claim. The second one is notifications. Sometimes fake, sometimes real, they are not too intrusive, but certainly catch attention.

Don’t Use Frequent Pop-Ups

I don’t like pop-ups, you don’t like them, almost nobody does.

For this reason, it is refreshing to see a game that doesn’t rely on IAP pop-ups. During seven days of playing, I only got to see one, and it was worthwhile.

Not every special offer is worthy enough to come as a pop-up, and Rise of Kingdoms developers definitely know this.

Diversify Offers

The Rise of Kingdoms’ in-game store makes the real heart of monetization.

It has six different sections, each of which is different. First recharge bonus, bundle deals, daily offers, standard offers, subscriptions, and a growth fund.

It is not only about the number of offers, but their types. Some prefer bundles, others prefer subscriptions, so why not offer them all?

Focus on Premium Currency

In this game, if you have gems, you can buy and do almost anything. Speed things up, buy VIP points, and purchase all kinds of resources.

For this reason, they are the #1 thing players want to purchase. As such, gems are present in every single IAP offer. On the other hand, all other resources come as a nice addition to gems.

Include Subscription Offers

In this game, there are two quite different subscription options. The first one is found in the game’s store. It brings gems and encourages daily logins.

The second one is the game’s battle pass – Lucerne Scrolls. Battle passes are getting more and more popular in the strategy genre, and for a good reason. This kind of progression system incentivizes players to come back daily and engage with the game.

Goodbye heavy time-taking downloads and lagging updates. Play your favorite Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade in the cloud on your PC or mobile without having to download or install the game. Make your old phone or PC, or any device, a powerful gaming machine instantly. Share the game’s link with your friends on social media quickly and introduce them to a new way of playing games. Logged in to a new device? No worries. With now.gg mobile cloud, you can resume a game on another screen without losing progress. So get in Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade right away and start slaying.

Stay tuned with Herald Journalism for further updates.

Mod Features

  • Free Fire Mod Apparition Mode
  • Free Fire Mod Divider Hack Stone
  • Free Fire Mod No Recoil 
  • Free Fire Mod Auto Aim
  • Free Fire Mod Point Lock
  • Free Fire Mod No Shake Scope
  • Free Fire Mod No Tree, No Grass, No Fog
  • Vehicle Hack
  • Night Mode
  • Speed Hack
  • Adversary Location

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