“Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2”: Release date, spoilers and everything you may like.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 is finally expected to have Season 2 as the first season gained an amount of support from the supporters and even experts. The first season was filled with thrilling amount action as well as a little amount of humor, which won the hearts of the fans.  Some fans are even expecting Season 3 of the anime series, which explains there amount of love for the series.

When to expect Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 to go on air? 

The official twitter account of The Rising Of The Shield Hero has announced on 2nd September 2019 about the news of production. There is a pleasant update for the fans. On the same day, they also declared the third season is confirmed to be in production.

This has made the fans to go mad. Their excitement was an act to be seen. Though, the release date of the second season is yet to be declared by the management. Most probably, it will drop no earlier than 2021.

"The Shield Season 2": Release date, spoilers and everything you may like.

What all to change in this season? 

The new season will once again entertain its fans with a new plot. A central character of the story Naofumi Iwatani along with three other men from the same world are sent to a parallel universe. There they have to fight with inter-dimensional monsters called waves. He is not as lucky as others who are supported by their kingdom and allies.

Soon after his arrival, everything turns out worse for him, and it seems like the whole universe is against him. First, his only companion, princess betrays him, and then he’s robbed off, later he is accused as a sexual offender. In the end, he finds the fortune in the unfortunate.

"The Shield Season 2": Release date, spoilers and everything you may like.

The renewal news of the second and third season of “Rising of the Shield Hero” has created a buzz among its fans. The synopsis of its second season revealed is, “As Naofumi, Filo, and Raphtalia involve with new companions, they’re also initiating a new enemy. Get to know more regarding the huge turtle carrying a town on its back, and how the Shield Hero and his companions will be fighting with him along their journey.”

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