Riverdale season 5 Release date: KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart will be Back

Riverdale is a teenage mystery drama series on Netflix. The storyline is around Archie Andrews’ life, who is from the place called Riverdale. This seemingly silent place has a lot of mysteries and surprising stories to know. This Netflix original series is a comic book adaptation.

The 1 season released way back in 2017. Recently the 4 seasons packed with twists and turns were released during October 2019. And the talk for Riverdale season 5 was already doing rounds on the internet. In January 2020, the news was confirmed by The CW! And fans can’t keep calm since then.

Riverdale season 5 Cast

The main and basic cast and crew always remain the same, albeit season change. Even though we can’t be sure of that considering after what happens in Riverdale season 4 where Jughead almost died.

Amidst all these, it is sure that Aj Apa, as Archie Andrews, Camilla Mendes, as Veronica Lodge, Lili Reinhardt, as Betty Cooper, Luke Perry, as Fred Andrews will return for the upcoming Riverdale season 5.

The confirmed official news about Riverdale season 4 of this popular drama series amongst teens made them excited and waiting to look forward to more Riverdale drama.

Riverdale season 5 Release date

The release date is not really confirmed, but speculations are there about the series getting on air during mid-October 2020. Even though the shoots are still going. Riverdale season 5 too released during the same time last year. So it is highly recommended to wait till October.

Riverdale season 5 Plot

The last season left fans spellbound and almost heartbreaking after what happens to Jughead. Since no official news has been shared, there is no news on what exactly happens. But the hints given by the cast and crew might say a different story. It is rumored that there might be a leap of a few years.

This is surely a binge-watch series if you are on weekends or free for a little time.


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