“Robbert Pattinson” Will Appear As ‘The Batman’ In ‘Justice League Reboot’??

Robbert Pattinson In Justice League?                                 

Robert Pattinson, the ‘Twilight’ franchise’s renowned actor who now will be seen as ‘Batman’ in Warner Bros. upcoming movie, would have a long way to go in DC movies. Reports suggest that the actor will be seen as Bruce Wayne and could have many more opportunities in the DC world. With this report, we expect him in the superhero crossover ‘Justice League.’

Justice League Reboot And Not A Sequel?

A tabloid named ‘We Have Got This Covered’ quoted a source stating that Pattinson could make an appearance in Justice League’s reboot.

“Robbert Pattinson” Will Appear As ‘The Batman’ In ‘Justice League Reboot’??
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Yes, a reboot and not a sequel or prequel as a rumor that is swirling says Warner Bros is planning to re-launch the crossover movie released in 2017 with a whole new look. We all know why the makers would have reached to this case; this is all because of the poor performance it shows.

Fortunately, we all have heard that Pattinson has signed a contract for three movies, which could be extended further for Justine League Reboot. The three movies said to be a trilogy series of ‘The Batman.’ Not only Justice League but Warner Bros. has a long plan for the actor.

“Robbert Pattinson” Will Appear As ‘The Batman’ In ‘Justice League Reboot’??
Fans Art Portraying Robin Pattinson As The Batman.

The Batman!!

Talking about ‘The Batman,’ then it was confirmed by Kevin Smith that the movie would be based on The Long Halloween. That simply means that the superhero will handle multiple villains this time like Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and others. Pattinson himself has informed once that the movie will be taken from comics.

So, fans cheer up as your favorite actor is not joining DC for a small stint, and instead, it’s a long one.

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