‘Robert Pattinson’ & ‘Aquaman’s ‘Willem Dafoe’ REVEAL!! the REAL REASON!! for entering Superhero Franchises

Fans are excited about The Batman. The upcoming reboot of director Matt Reeves Caped Crusader. But the possibility of becoming Bruce Wayne and the first to don the cape and cowl could be overwhelming for actor Robert Pattinson.

Especially when it comes to the lofty expectations that audiences are putting on new superhero films, fortunately, he had some support from his co-star Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse. That same man who brought the Green Goblin to life in original Spider-Man by Sam Raimi.

Pattinson and Dafoe have recently talked about their similar experiences with Total Cinema. Revealing that when they decided to join superhero teams, they had something big in common.'Robert Pattinson' & 'Aquaman's 'Willem Dafoe' REVEAL!! the REAL REASON!! for entering Superhero Franchises

I’ve personally spoken to him about the Green Goblin. He just wanted to do it, but he had to. He said he had been auditioning for it, and he really did go after it, Pattinson said. And I was like: it’s funny – I think a lot of actors have done a lot of things, it’s like, they’re going to you.

He said, ‘ People really did not understand why I enjoyed this character so much. It’s just a great, great character. ‘ It’s kind of like Batman, I thought.

Dafoe, who has since starred in a key role in Aquaman, clarified that making such comic book movies is “a mix of keeping things fresh, and not repeating yourself.”'Robert Pattinson' & 'Aquaman's 'Willem Dafoe' REVEAL!! the REAL REASON!! for entering Superhero Franchises

Pattinson and Dafoe both connected with the characters, and Dafoe admitted that his decision to join Spider-Man was looked down on people. I look back at the Green Goblin, and you have to remember: the was not an enterprise at the moment.

This was like doing a different kind of thing. But at the moment, I recall certain people who know me more from, you know, the indie world or art movies that roll their eyes, like: What would you like to do for a comic book movie? But I have never been such a snob. I like to mix it up.

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