Rocksteady Developing SECRET SUPERMAN GAME Exclusively for Xbox Series X, Release Date & What we know so far

Fans and Gamers may soon see an exclusive Xbox Series X Superman Game

It has been four years since the last game released by Rocksteady hit the market. The UK based Gaming studio behind the successful Batman: Arkham Knight has kept its new game tightly under wraps.

So much so, that they have not even announced what their new game is about or also if they are working on a new game or not. Numerous rumors have floated over these four years, which suggests that the studio might be working on a new Superman or Injustice game. Stories of a Suicide Squad game is also ripe, but nothing concrete can be said about those rumors.

Some Clarity or More Confusion?

To make things more confounding, a new rumor has surfaced according to which there is a Batman or Justice League game that may be coming exclusively to Xbox Series X. Rumour comes from a website and is revealed by user OsirisBlack.

When asked about third-party console exclusives, Microsoft has not cleared the air but instead responded with a video bearing title Man of Steel OST- Hans Zimmer- Arcade [Extended]. Video only contains one image of Superman and General Zod facing off each other music in the background. These actions suggest that a Superman game exclusively for Xbox series X could be on the cards.

Rocksteady Developing SECRET BATMAN GAME Exclusively for Xbox Series X, Release Date & What we know so far

Will history repeat itself?

History suggests that OsirisBlack has been overall a reliable leaker, and in the past, many of his leaks have turned out correct. Yet such holes should not be believed on their face value as nothing official has been released.

Assuming that rumors are correct, it is difficult to see why Warner Brother Interactive Entertainment would consider such an idea. Such a scenario is possible only if Microsoft offered an obscene amount of money to the publisher. This is again not a sound move but possible as Microsoft has a considerable war chest.

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